Melange Peel

What is a Melanage™ Peel?

A Melanage™ Peel utilizes a specialized skin-lightening system designed to address persistent melasma and other pigmentation issues.

This treatment involves an in-office medicated mask, similar to a chemical peel, accompanied by at-home treatments aimed at reducing skin spots and addressing signs of aging.

What are the benefits of a Melanage@ Peel?

Upon completion of a Melanage@ Peel, you can enjoy a myriad of revitalizing benefits, including:
  • Reduction of melasma
  • Diminished sun spots
  • Improved skin texture
  • Enhanced skin tone
  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles
  • Clearer, beautiful skin
  • Youthful appearance
  • Even-toned skin
The Melanage™ Peel is effective on various areas of the face, chest, or neck, and each treatment is personalized by your medical aestheticanat Nigro Dermatology Aesthetic Center to ensure optimal results.

Is a Melanage™ Peel right for me?

Determining your suitability for a Melanage™ Peel involves a review of your medical history and an examination of the areas of concern on your skin. Your aesthetic provider discusses your desired outcomes and informs you about the procedure’s expectations.

What should I expect during a Melanage™ Peel?

During the procedure, you relax in a comfortable chair while your aesthetician applies the medicated mask to your skin. This process typically takes 30 minutes or less, with the mask left on your skin for 2-10 hours, depending on your skin type.

While wearing the Melanage™ mask, you may experience tightness or dryness similar to a mild sunburn, but without burning or stinging. The procedure is not painful, and your provider provides specific instructions for at-home mask removal.

What results should I expect from a Melanage™ Peel?

Following the treatment, adhere to your provider’s instructions for at-home skin care over the next few weeks. You may experience skin peeling and temporary redness, which should subside. Sun protection is crucial during this period. Over time, anticipate improvements in skin tone, texture, and a lightening of dark spots.

Your provider at Nigro Dermatology Aesthetic Center may recommend a series of treatments with periodic maintenance sessions for optimal outcomes.


Christopher Romero
Christopher Romero
I was scared to death after discovering a small spot under my arm. I visited with Laura and she calmed my nerves by telling me it was blood vessels and nothing to worry about. The whole experience from checking in to leaving was wonderful. I HIGHLY recommend Nigro and especially Laura. I
Zaid Smair
Zaid Smair
Saturday I had an inflamed skin problem in an uncomfortable area, I was in a lot of pain, Heather Jordan was the absolute best! I visited Saturday to get checked out and the process was very smooth, comfortable and easy. Everyone who works there is kind, helpful and caring. Seeing me on short notice was huge help since no one else in town was open Saturday or available at least, Heather took me in and explained everything in detail and relieved me, I felt that I am in safe hands with someone experienced. I went back in today for another check up, and same thing, Heather and everyone else took great care of me, I definitely recommend to anyone, forget about ER or anyone else. This is the place to go, you won’t regret it.
Carmen Keys
Carmen Keys
It's always a pleasant experience when I visit Dr. Nigro's office. She IS one of my MOST FAVORITE physicians to see. Her personality, her spirit, her pizazz is ALWAYS on point! Not to mention her GREAT staff!!! She's very attentive and KNOWS how to make her clients feel extra Special. Thank you Dr. Marjory Nigro!!!
Latosha West
Latosha West
Ms.Amanda is always nice and really patient with me and my skin condition helping to understand my lupus. Staff is kind as well.
Courtney Danile
Courtney Danile
Dr. Spedale and the staff are always very welcoming and professional.