Hair Loss & Restoration

What leads to hair loss?

Androgenic alopecia is the medical term for hair loss and it affects over 80 million men and women in the United States. Experiencing hair loss is a common and challenging dermatological issue and the impact on self-esteem can be significant.

The physicians at Nigro Dermatology Group can help. We are pleased to offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration with excellent results in hair regrowth for both men and women.

Hair loss is typically hereditary. As you age, your hair follicles reduce in size over time. Smaller follicles result in thinner hair, progressing until hair growth stops entirely. Male-pattern hair loss often starts at the hairline, creating an “M” shape that may lead to baldness. Female-pattern hair loss frequently begins as a widening of the natural part and progresses to overall hair thinning.

How can PRP hair restoration benefit me?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration is a form of regenerative medicine leveraging your body’s natural healing properties to regrow hair lost due to genetic factors.

Blood is made of two main components, red blood cells, and plasma. The plasma contains white blood cells and platelets. Platelets, aid in healing by delivering growth factors to injured sites, restoring damaged tissue, and promoting new, healthy tissue growth. In hair restoration, PRP helps rejuvenate weakened hair follicles, stimulating growth and recreating the hair you once had. This procedure offers natural-looking results without surgery, chemicals, or downtime, proving effective for both men and women.

How is the PRP hair restoration procedure conducted?

Your doctor begins by extracting a blood sample, then separating the platelets through a centrifuge we have in office. The concentrated platelets are combined into a growth factor-packed serum, which is injected into the thinning areas of your scalp.

This PRP serum enhances scalp blood flow, activates hair follicles, and promotes the growth of thicker, fuller hair. The procedure is minimally invasive, requiring no downtime.

As each person’s condition varies, a personalized treatment plan is recommended by the physician. Most individuals achieve optimal results through a series of spaced-out PRP hair restoration treatments over several weeks.

Don’t accept thinning hair as inevitable. Explore the possibility of PRP hair restoration as a potential solution. Arrange your consultation by reaching out to Nigro Dermatology or requesting an appointment online.

During the consultation, we’ll discuss lifestyle factors influencing hair loss, including the benefits of quitting smoking and adopting a diet rich in vitamin D and iron. These nutrients have the potential to promote hair growth and overall scalp health.