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We are a leading dermatology practice in the Houston area treating both adults and children. We offer both medical and cosmetic dermatology services and we are the only dermatology practice in Houston with an on-site pharmacy.

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Our physicians are specially trained to address your whole family's skin care needs, from pediatric rashes to cosmetic procedures. All of our doctors are board-certified dermatologists, and two are also board-certified pediatric dermatologists. Whether we are addressing your skin concerns or informing you of the latest cosmetic procedures, our top priority is ensuring that your experience with our practice is second to none!

We understand the importance of good skin care and are committed to providing you with high-quality treatment in a pleasant, professional atmosphere. We also recognize that every patient has different needs, and we strive to offer individualized care to each person who walks through our doors.

Your skin deserves the best, if you are a new patient, click here to schedule an appointment with Nigro Dermatology. We offer Saturday hours for adult and pediatric appointments.

If you are an existing patient, please email appointments@nigroderm.com or call us to receive the next available appointment.

Let us help keep your skin healthy and beautiful for years to come!

Botox® & Dysport®

Botox® & Dysport®

In the last 15 years, Botox and Dysport are two of the most popular revolutions in cosmetic dermatology. With a quick and simple outpatient procedure, the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles can be reduced or eliminated. Botox and Dysport are safe, effective and boast long-lasting effects. Find out what the craze is about! Learn More



Sometimes, no matter how hard you exercise or how well you eat, problem areas of stubborn fat still remain. We understand how frustrating this can be. Therefore, we offer patients a non-surgical, fat-freezing alternative to liposuction called CoolSculpting! If you’re intrigued, ask us if CoolSculpting is right for you! Learn More